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Whether you are just getting into exploring the outdoor world around you or looking to take the next step in your adventurous endeavors there are specific and a number of gear essentials to look at. Here are BentGear, we have done the hard part for you, the research and reviews.

From Backing to Biking to Camping to Hiking, we’ve looked at it all. Check out our reviews then go have fun out there!


Backpacking is a diverse activity with all sorts of gear required. To help you get into the sport or take the next step in upgrading your gear list, we have all sorts of reviews for backpacking products here.


Our Bike section is full of knowledge of bike and bike related gear to heighten your performance. There are also excellent ideals for gifts for that friend or family member that just can’t stop talking about their biking endeavors. Check out our reviews here.


Overwhelmed with trying to figure out what to bring on your camping trip? What brands to buy? Fret no more–instead check out our Camping Reviews because we have already done the research for you.


Whether you are just getting into checking out some short hikes around your hometown or planning a multi-day hike, you need quality products that will last through your adventures. Check out our reviews of Hiking Products here.