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Kigo Footwear
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Kigo Footwear

Sometimes the greatest ideas come from the most unexpected situations.


The setting: A mountain base?
The dilemma: To après ski or not to après ski?
The missing piece: Comfortable, stable, stylish footwear

Staying for après ski meant enduring clunky boots (and blisters) or partying in socks (and freezing). Skipping it meant missing the fun.

Alas, the day was done, but kigo footwear was born. Our vision is to provide completely portable footwear. At kigo, we believe that a comfortable, stylish pair of shoes can make the difference between going home and enjoying all that life offers.

Each kigo is crafted with lightweight, strong and breathable eco-friendly materials and a unique fold-close design that allows each shoe to compress for easy portability. With kigo, we are sharing with you what we wanted for us – a way to keep going, and to make sure the fun never stops.

Sorry, there are no Kigo Footwear products currently. Check back soon!