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Injinji Socks
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Injinji Socks

Consider the difference between gloves and mittens: Mittens keep your fingers together to create a warmer, oven-like environment, while gloves offer less warmth but more dexterity. The same principles can be applied to our feet. Conventional socks force your toes to work together as one unit, creating unprotected friction, heat and moisture build up, and constricting the circulation of the foot. Have we been wearing mittens on our feet all this time?

The human foot has toes to facilitate proper balance, posture, and gripping. Each series of Injinji patented tetratsoks are specifically designed to enable your entire foot to perform naturally and efficiently from your heel to five toes inside your shoe. In addition, the tetratsok is an excellent interface to prevent common foot problems from developing; blisters, hotspots, moisture buildup, and neuromas caused by improper footwear and athletic form.

The transition has begun… use your toes.


*A great addition to your pair of Vibram Five Finger Shoes!

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